A bright, beautiful, and crisp beginning to our Thanksgiving week celebrations. Sunday dawned bright and clear with the promise of love and blessings at St. John’s. Our vision turns more outward as we serve the needy in Suffolk through the Salvation Army Angel Tree and our gifts to those charities in our community that make a real difference in the lives of our community. This evening our community will gather at Wesley Chapel United Methodist Church to celebrate those things we give thanks for in our community and in the lives of our churches. If you can, stop by at 5:00 for our worship service.

Today’s lectionary shared another of the parables that can remind us that, viewed through the human lens, God can appear to do crazy things; especially when dealing with humans. We heard the parable of the Talents and the rich person (landowner) that gives talents to his servants according to their ability. The landowner entrusted his slaves with 15 years’ wages (or more) to manage in his absence; with little direction. Yet through it all, God regards our action rather than what we produce – those who work for God are rewarded. How are you challenged to move forward in faith following God?

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Readings: Judges 4:1-7; Psalm 123; 1 Thessalonians 5:1-11; Matthew 25:14-30

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