Peace to all on the next-to-last Sunday after the Epiphany. February has arrived in tumultuous fashion in Chuckatuck – cold and windy, warm and sunny, drizzle falling to prepare our community for the coming growing season. Blessings abound in our community and our Parish – for the most part we’ve survived this year’s flu season without issue and we’ve been blessed with good health, which leads to active members in our community and the community at large. We continue to pray for those who have lost loved ones this season and those who have been afflicted by the flu and other diseases and maladies this winter.

Our scripture today walked us through a narrative that St. John’s can appreciate: by remembering our history we know that God is constant and with us, even when we don’t recognize God’s presence. Because we are able to recollect that truth we get to live fully in the responsibility that follows our relationship with God: the sharing of the gospel of redemption to the community God connects us with. Because we are related to God we have no option except to share the gospel message – with words when necessary but more often in our actions. How does God prepare you to be a faithful witness?

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Readings: Isaiah 40:21-31; Psalm 147:1-12, 21c; 1 Corinthians 9:16-23; Mark 1:29-39

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