Blessings to you all on the second Sunday in Lent. We’re starting to see signs of spring in Chuckatuck, the Japanese magnolia-tulip tree is almost in full bloom and the turtles are out and about, walking across the road and swimming in the pond. We are blessed to continue our Lenten journey of reflection and consideration, both in worship and in our community efforts. Pray for our community as we help host the Suffolk Night Stay Program at Oakland Christian United Church of Christ beginning this Wednesday; and our study of the books of Luke and Acts.

In worship we heard the story of humanity: Abram who became Abraham was reaffirmed as the father of God’s chosen people, even in the midst of his reluctance and impatience with God’s plan. We also heard Peter get chastised by Jesus for trying to “stuff” Jesus in Peter’s image of Messiah. God remained connected to Abraham and Peter, continuing to be related to them, even in their shortsightedness and sin. Our question today is how do we stay connected to God in our sin?

I invite your comments,

Readings: Genesis 17:1-7, 15-16; Psalm 22:22-30; Romans 4:13-25; Mark 8:31-38

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