Greetings from Chuckatuck on the Second Sunday in Easter, often (sadly) referred to as Thomas’ Sunday. Thankfully, the vestiges of the storm from late in the week have passed and, for the most part, our Parish grounds escaped unscathed (some branches down but nothing extreme). Our attendance today was (not surprisingly) a little lower than past weeks but it is “low Sunday”. But that didn’t stop us from having a spirited worship service and the cooing of little “C”. May the month of May come in peacefully and spring bathe your families before Summer arrives.

In worship, we celebrated by hearing the stories of witness. Each of the readings today, including the Psalm, were focused on the commission of witness to the world. The Psalmist assures us that there is nothing that brings joy than to witness. The Acts of the Apostles also reinforces the need to witness to the life-changing and life-giving presence of God in our world. Our commission is complicated by not being a first-hand witness but we know of God’s presence in our past and the promise of God’s restoration in our future, as long as we continue on the path. That’s the message of hope.

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Readings: Acts 5:27-32; Psalm 118:14-29; Revelation 1:4-8; John 20:19-31

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