May the last Sunday in October be filled with God’s grace and blessings. The morning opened overcast and muggy, odd for the end of October. We made our final preparations for All Saints’ Sunday next week and all that day entails – a special celebration, returning to Standard Time, and (of course) a potluck. As October closes, Halloween approaches, and the feast of All Saints’ I pray you and your families are well.

Today’s worship was filled with lessons that focus on humility and the orderliness of our life with God. The gospel reading pitched a Pharisee against a tax collector and who offered the better prayer – it’s better to claim your place in God’s kingdom and offer glory to God. Paul’s letter to Timothy spoke of the culmination of Paul’s ministry and encouraged Timothy to model his life after Paul – fight the good fight, finish what was started, and keep the faith. Our Psalm served the reminder that God is awesome and because of God’s nature we must praise God. Today’s sermon focused on the prophet Joel (meaning YHWH is my God) with the reminder that God’s presence is found in the simple things in life – no plagues, good harvests, and sufficient wine (or water) to drink; and that God’s mercy originates in God and is present for us if we look for it, as it always has been.

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Readings: Joel 2:23-32; Psalm 65; 2 Timothy 4:6-8, 16-18; Luke 18:9-14

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