I pray you are well today as you celebrate the Lord’s day in the midst of the altered life we live today due to the COVID-19 coronavirus. I invite you to pray that our community and nation continues to take the steps necessary to protect itself from the disease. I also invite you to pray that people in our communities realize this is not the end of the world as we know it – there’s no reason to horde toilet paper, bread, or water. Caution and being conscious of your surroundings is critical – fear and hysteria are not. Please check on your neighbors and friends to make sure they don’t need an essential good or service while the nation figures out what we’re up against.

While we didn’t have in person worship today I did lead Morning Prayer via Facebook Live (not what I planned but it worked). The video is available on Facebook, I have downloaded it to the church computers, and it is available through our website (https://StJohnsEpiscopal-Suffolk.org).

Our reading from Exodus spoke almost directly to the situation today. Moses had just been given manna from heaven to feed the Israelites and now they were grumbling about the lack of water. God, in a very simple way, sent Moses ahead to strike the rock to let the water that was already there out to sustain the people. The answer to the hardest questions of life are often the simplest answers – the things that are already right there. Paul’s letter to the Romans laid out God’s active and intimate presence in our lives – as demonstrated by Jesus coming among us to save us from our sin (and ourselves). As we wrestle with our life in these times, remember that God is actively with us, as God has always been.

I invite your comments,

Readings: Exodus 17:1-7; Psalm 95:1-7; Romans 5:1-11

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