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To know the power of Christ – reflection and sermon for 4/7/19

by admin1755

April is upon us, and our Lenten journey slowly comes to a close. The churchyard is abloom with buttercups, dandelions, henbit, and “purple flowers”. Our preparations for Easter in the yard have begun in earnest: flower beds have been cleared, trees tended, flowers prepared for planting, and a new crapemyrtle should be in before Easter. […]

Rest in God’s presence – reflection and sermon from 3/24/19

by admin1755

Blessings from Chuckatuck at the midpoint of our Lenten journey – 2 Sundays have passed and 2 Sundays until Palm Sunday. It’s not time to get ahead of ourselves though, the journey is important to our faith and our understanding of God’s presence, without losing sight of our community of faith and the human things […]