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Sowing God’s seeds – sermon for July 17, 2017


In worship today we heard many familiar stories, some of which can be misunderstood. Not because the stories are poorly related, rather because what we’ve been told about the lessons may not actually be what is the message. We heard Paul talk about there being no condemnation for those in Christ, condemnation may come from […]

Jesus’ easy yoke & our work – Sermon for July 9, 2017


Our lessons and worship focused on two aspects of God’s story – although we could have reflected on the life and ministry of Rebekah and Isaac. We heard Paul tell the Romans that his toil alone isn’t the thing that brings about goodness – but God’s law and connection with us; and that connection brings […]

The Trinity and us – Sermon from Trinity Sunday 2017


In worship we celebrated the Trinity Sunday – a day where we are invited to contemplate the nature of God: three-in-one and one-in-three. On the one hand I “violated” my promise to not mention big theological terms in my sermons I shared three today: perichoresis, hypostatic union, and filioque. I didn’t define them but used […]

Jesus is the gate – Sermon for May 7, 2017


In worship, our scripture continued the discussion about the founding of the church and how our our practice of worship, fellowship, teaching, and communion helps us share the peace and serenity of Jesus. Today the image from the gospel was not the “standard” – we heard about Jesus as the gate: the one who marks […]

Jesus ransoms us from ourselves – Sermon from Apr. 30, 2017


Today, the journey in Eastertide continues. We had a passage from 1 Peter laid against/near one of the Psalms the Jews read during Passover. Odd to see a solemn, thought provoking song about the coming change in Israel’s past looking at Peter’s commentary about the ransom paid in Jesus’ death. A question we can ask […]