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What must I do to inherit eternal life – sermon from 10/14/18


Worship and scripture peaked our interest this morning. We covered the ground from Job still demanding an audience with God – even though he knew he could never find God; to a reminder that God isn’t simply something from back then – rather that God and God’s spirit are vibrant and active in the world […]

The church’s product is true relationship – sermon from 10/7/18


In worship, we heard the prologue to Job’s story and the second interaction with ha-satan (the accuser) and God. We also heard the writer of Hebrews remind his audience that the truth is found at their formation (and at the formation of all creation). Mark did speak about divorce and the children being welcome and […]

Without prayer we can do nothing – Sermon for 9/30/18


Today in worship we wrapped up 5 weeks in James coupled with a reading from Esther. Ironically, the King (Ahasuerus) asked Esther to tell him what she wanted “even to half of his kingdom” which was a segue into the reading from James. James invites us to trust the power of prayer, following his statement […]

Who do we say Jesus is? – Sermon from 9/16/2018


We celebrated in worship a Sunday filled with promise and encouragement. Our reading from Proverbs reminded us that wisdom comes in the everyday things, not just the miraculous; all we have to do is listen. James’ epistle encourages and warns us: stick with our faith and sharing but be careful if you are one who […]

To whom shall we go? – Sermon from August 26/2018


In worship, we heard about Solomon’s dedication of the temple and Paul’s encouragement to prepare for the work of God in the world. In our gospel reading we heard the conclusion of Jesus’ parables about being the bread of life. Jesus challenged his time to live a changed life and to do the hard work […]