Eastertide Sermon

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Jesus is the gate – Sermon for May 7, 2017


In worship, our scripture continued the discussion about the founding of the church and how our our practice of worship, fellowship, teaching, and communion helps us share the peace and serenity of Jesus. Today the image from the gospel was not the “standard” – we heard about Jesus as the gate: the one who marks […]

Jesus ransoms us from ourselves – Sermon from Apr. 30, 2017


Today, the journey in Eastertide continues. We had a passage from 1 Peter laid against/near one of the Psalms the Jews read during Passover. Odd to see a solemn, thought provoking song about the coming change in Israel’s past looking at Peter’s commentary about the ransom paid in Jesus’ death. A question we can ask […]

We are Thomas – Sermon from Apr. 23, 2017


Scripture today points us to God’s plan and God’s interaction with us in that plan. God doesn’t simply act in a vacuum but works humanity into the plan. But it’s not simply a fait accompli but a relationship that allows us to ask for clarification and insights so that we might really understand the complexity […]