Epiphany Season

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If not us then who? – Sermon from Feb. 11, 2018


In worship, we heartily bid farewell to the Alleluias and observed the Transfiguration of Jesus. Our lessons shared the story of Elijah and Elisha as leadership transferred from the elder to the younger. We also heard Paul tell the believers in Corinth about the necessity of our sharing God’s message to the world. The question […]

Sharing the gospel is our responsibility – sermon for Feb. 4, 2018


Our scripture today walked us through a narrative that St. John’s can appreciate: by remembering our history we know that God is constant and with us, even when we don’t recognize God’s presence. Because we are able to recollect that truth we get to live fully in the responsibility that follows our relationship with God: […]

Knowledge comes from listening – sermon from Jan. 28, 2018


Our worship was filled with stories that point to our call as believers and how we are supposed to act and share the impact of our mutual relationship with God, from God to us and our return to God. We are given authority to share our understanding of our relationship, what scripture has to say […]

Sermon for the Last Sunday after the Epiphany at St. John’s


As we bring a close to our Epiphany journey we see one of the biggest Epiphany moments in the New Testament – the Transfiguration. The story is told through the eyes of Matthew and the writer of the second letter from Peter – both reiterating the message of God is found in the relationships we […]

Be holy as God is holy – Sermon for Feb. 19, 2017


Today we heard three “vamps” on the phrase “be holy as I, the Lord, am holy…” (or perfect instead of holy). We wonder what it means to be holy, especially in a world where holiness isn’t always embraced. Our gospel today, a portion at the close of the Sermon on the Mount, is troubling and […]

God is not divided: Sermon for February 12, 2016


In worship today we realized it was the 6th Sunday after the Epiphany and that the journey has become a bit “old hat” at times. We’ve heard about the Epiphany about Jesus as savior and God incarnate. As we began our sermon we took a poll: which denomination do you claim as your founding denomination? […]