Sermons by Rev. Les Ferguson

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What is our vision of and for God? Sermon from 5/26/19


In worship we heard lessons that provided visions of God and God’s greater glory. On the one hand, we had the fantastic and other-worldly vision of the Revelation to John, and on the other we heard of Paul’s vision that led to Lydia’s conversion and ordination as a missionary for the risen Lord. We are […]

Love not fear, how to build community – sermon from 5/19/19


Our worship was punctuated by the ideas about God’s invitation to love, not because we want something in return or out of pity, but because that is the “simple” commandment invoked by Jesus at the end of his earthly ministry. The love we have for others is the sign of God’s presence inside us; the […]

Being ourselves is God’s miracle – sermon from 5/12/19


In worship today, we celebrated the Good shepherd Sunday. We heard Jesus talk about those who were his sheep would know him and follow him in love and devotion. Even when we look for something direct Jesus and God are working in the background of our lives. We heard about the diversity of the entire […]

Christ is Risen – sermon from Easter Sunday 2019


Alleluia! Christ is Risen! Happy Easter to all from Chuckatuck. In worship, we celebrated with young and old. We heard the stories of Jesus’ resurrection, as told by Luke, and how the women went to the tomb and were surprised. But once they came to their mind they bore the gospel message – that Jesus […]

Welcome at God’s table – sermon from Maundy Thursday 2019


It was a beautiful and touching service at Oakland Christian United Church of Christ. As has been our practice since before I arrived at St. John’s, we gather as a community for Maundy Thursday, Good Friday, and Easter Sunrise. We gathered as a community to remember that night where Jesus and his Disciples celebrated the […]