Sermons by Rev. Les Ferguson

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Our vision of God begins in truth – sermon from 2/23/20


Today is Transfiguration Sunday (not the Feast of the Transfiguration – but that’s a different discussion). Our scripture today focused on the revelation of God to humans through time. Our Hebrew Scripture reading was from Exodus and dealt with Moses’ 40-day journey getting the 10 Commandments. Our Psalm reminds us that God is our refuge […]

Choosing life brings responsibilities – sermon from 2/16/20


In worship we considered the part that God plays in our ability to do good, for ourselves, for our church, and for our community. Matthew’s gospel provided some detailed reflection of the Commandments – especially murder, adultery, and dishonoring your neighbor. Our Psalmist reminded us that the happy ones are the ones who pay attention […]

What we have to offer is hope – sermon from 2/9/20


As we gathered for worship we considered what we; individually, communally, and as a faith; had to offer to society. We heard Isaiah remind us that we did, in fact know (at our heart) what was good and proper in God’s eyes – caring for the marginalized and fighting injustice in God’s world. Paul reminded […]

Our desire is to dwell with God – sermon from 1/26/2020


On the third Sunday after the Epiphany we considered how we are invited to answer God’s call without hesitation and to tell God’s story in our lives to others. While we tell the story, our scripture tells us that relationship is as important as words. The prophet Isaiah sang the first part of our story […]

What sign will you ask for from God? – sermon from 12/22/19


Greetings! The greens are hung, the Advent journey is drawing to a close, and December is firmly entrenched in Chuckatuck. We observed the 4th Sunday of Advent and greeted visitors – sharing God’s blessings with those around us. It was nice to have a local couple who is looking for a church home visit today. […]