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What we learn from Scripture – sermon from 11/17/19


In worship we have been drawing the year to a close. Our collect, the prayer offered to center our worship and focus us on our institutional relationship with God and each other reminded us about the importance of Scripture. We know, from scripture, our lives are filled with hope and promise because God created us […]

Returning to center for change – sermon from 10/20/19


In worship today we continued our journey in the prophet Jeremiah and Paul’s second letter to Timothy. These two portions of scripture have been shading our conversation during worship over the past weeks. Jeremiah told Israel that God was creating a new covenant with them, not one that had to be taught (because it was […]

Being present where you are – sermon from 10/13/19


In worship today we continued our journey in the season of Pentecost. We heard Jesus’ parable about the 10 lepers and the 1 who returned to give thanks; an encouragement to give thanks no matter where we are in life’s journey and no matter where we feel associated with the “in” group. Paul reminded Timothy […]

How did we get here? – sermon from 10/6/19


As we gathered for worship we offered prayers and reflections about our place in God’s kingdom at work in the world. Sometimes our scripture provides a picture that is obviously hopeful, and sometimes it doesn’t. We heard from the Lamentations about the loss of everything and the implied “how did we get here?” question. Our […]

Change leads to renewal by God – sermon from 9/29/19


Our lessons today helped continue the discussion about change and asking ourselves where we go from here. We also heard about using the things we have, not to hoard but to serve God (the love of money is A root of many evils). Our Timothy passage reminds us that having a lot doesn’t always solve […]