Sermons by Rev. Les Ferguson

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What sign will you ask for from God? – sermon from 12/22/19


Greetings! The greens are hung, the Advent journey is drawing to a close, and December is firmly entrenched in Chuckatuck. We observed the 4th Sunday of Advent and greeted visitors – sharing God’s blessings with those around us. It was nice to have a local couple who is looking for a church home visit today. […]

What are we looking for – sermon for Dec. 15, 2019


In worship today we heard about the gladness felt by the return of the Israelites from exile in Babylon; how the highway in the desert would be straight and there would be none to deter them in their journey. We heard James remind Christians to be patient, God is coming back, and hopeful in all […]

Bringing hope through change in Advent – sermon from Dec. 8, 2019


In worship we were greeted by the promise that God sent messengers – the prophets – to prepare the way for our salvation. Thankfully their message helps us navigate life’s journey and the distractions we have today. Isaiah painted a picture of the king who would rise from Jesse – one who was not specifically […]

What we learn from Scripture – sermon from 11/17/19


In worship we have been drawing the year to a close. Our collect, the prayer offered to center our worship and focus us on our institutional relationship with God and each other reminded us about the importance of Scripture. We know, from scripture, our lives are filled with hope and promise because God created us […]