Sermons by Rev. Les Ferguson

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Sharing the gospel is our responsibility – sermon for Feb. 4, 2018


Our scripture today walked us through a narrative that St. John’s can appreciate: by remembering our history we know that God is constant and with us, even when we don’t recognize God’s presence. Because we are able to recollect that truth we get to live fully in the responsibility that follows our relationship with God: […]

Knowledge comes from listening – sermon from Jan. 28, 2018


Our worship was filled with stories that point to our call as believers and how we are supposed to act and share the impact of our mutual relationship with God, from God to us and our return to God. We are given authority to share our understanding of our relationship, what scripture has to say […]

Sermon for Christmas Eve 2017


Merry Christmas! A joyous evening and a time to welcome friends and neighbors as we celebrate the birth of Jesus. A joy-filled time to witness to the simplicity of the birth of Jesus and the shepherds. Tonight was a reminder that the true Christmas miracle is that the God of creation meets us in creation […]

Restoring hope for the future – Sermon from Dec. 17, 2017


We continued our journey in Advent and focused on our preparation and the work of the messenger. Isaiah helped remind us of the hope he offered to his generation – restoration after exile and return to being the chosen people of God. Yet we heard the story of John (the Baptist) and his offering of […]

The unexpected will happen – sermon from Dec. 10, 2017


In worship today we heard the story from the Prophet about God who will provide comfort in the midst of our battles. God is there with us and is strong enough to defeat our foes at the same time God is able to comfort the least in creation. We looked at how the good news […]

Abandoning our sin – Sermon from Dec. 3, 2017


In worship we heard from Jesus: “Beware, keep alert! …for God is coming… keep awake.” That view was placed against or alongside the words of Isaiah. Not the words of comfort we remember from Isaiah, but the words of lament and accusation – calling on God to come down… to not forget us… to not […]