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Now it the appropriate time – sermon from Ash Wednesday 2019


What a phrase: “The invitation to the observance of a holy Lent.” Sometimes that phrase seems odd but when we remember that something that is holy is something that is set aside for God. As we gathered for worship, both at St. John’s and at Lake Prince Woods retirement center, we were asked to pause […]

God hates nothing God creates – sermon from Ash Wednesday 2018


Blessings to you at the beginning of Lent. Our transition from the Epiphany season to our Lenten journey began in earnest yesterday with a Shrove Tuesday pancake supper and we served 97 people; a fabulous community gathering. Today in worship we began our Lenten journey in earnest. We heard the story of why we are […]

Where is your treasure? Sermon for Ash Wednesday 2017


Grace and peace at the beginning of your Lenten journey. I find it interesting that I’m led to a new place every Lent, into a journey looking for the place God is inviting me this year. The end goal is the same but the path seems to change every year, partly because I change every […]