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Hearing God’s assurance again – sermon from 2/10/19


As we approach the end of the season after the Epiphany, we hear stories in worship about how God calls and reaffirms the calls placed on our lives. Sometimes God comes to us like the story of Isaiah – with great pomp and grandeur that takes our breath away. Sometimes God comes to us in […]

Love overcomes discord – sermon from 2/3/19


Today in worship we heard readings and a reflection on the fractured church and lack of tolerance in Jesus’ time and in the new Church in Corinth. The cross section of readings today spoke to our calling to be witnesses and prophetic for God in the world (Jeremiah) and the assurance that God alone is […]

Reflecting God’s light to see God – sermon from 1/20/19


In worship we considered what we think it means to be bathed in God’s light and sacrament. But not just to be bathed in, but to actively share God’s light and sacrament. Our scripture reminded us today that we need both space and independence to function in the way God calls us to function; but […]

We are God’s beloved – sermon from 1/13/19


Through our worship and the practices observed this Epiphany season, we are reminded of the grace we have received and God’s providence. We hear about the act of an epiphany – becoming aware of the presence of something already present. The Psalmist reminds us of both the immenseness of God – the ability to make […]

The absurdity of Advent – sermon from 12/23/18


In worship today, we were overwhelmed with Mary’s Song (the Magnificat) – it appeared in three instances in worship, twice in scripture readings and once in the Advent Wreath liturgy. Mary and Elizabeth were coupled with stories from Micah and the letter to the Hebrews – the old way isn’t what saves us; the new […]

God’s Peace vs. our worry – Sermon from 12/16/18


In worship we picked up the theme of being joyful and rejoicing. Our Gospel today brings back John the Baptist and his railing at the Israelites “You brood of vipers” and the direction that all we need to do is be hospitable, loving, and generous. There’s no magic formula, just connection with our community as […]