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Amos: the life of a prophet – sermon from 7/14/19


In worship today we spent time remembering what it means to be called by God. Not just to a life filled with grace and mercy, but a life also filled with responsibility to God and the justice that God demands. The Psalmist reminded us that we need to be just and not favor those who […]

God’s mission is reaching all humanity – sermon from 7/7/19


In worship we heard a variety of stories in scripture. From Elisha healing Naaman simply, by having the “proud general” Naaman bathe in the Jordan 7 times. The power of God works in ways that are not human ways. Paul concluded his letter to the Galatians reminding them that, while each individual is responsible for […]

Freedom is why we go to church – sermon from 6/30/19


In worship we had offerings about Elisha receiving his commission from God through Elijah and the conferring of a double share of Elijah’s wisdom on Elisha. Our gospel stood out as it showed a disturbing part of the mentality of Jesus’ disciples – on the trip through Samaria to Jerusalem (and ultimately his death). We […]

What is our vision of and for God? Sermon from 5/26/19


In worship we heard lessons that provided visions of God and God’s greater glory. On the one hand, we had the fantastic and other-worldly vision of the Revelation to John, and on the other we heard of Paul’s vision that led to Lydia’s conversion and ordination as a missionary for the risen Lord. We are […]

Love not fear, how to build community – sermon from 5/19/19


Our worship was punctuated by the ideas about God’s invitation to love, not because we want something in return or out of pity, but because that is the “simple” commandment invoked by Jesus at the end of his earthly ministry. The love we have for others is the sign of God’s presence inside us; the […]