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Confidence in community – sermon for June 10, 2018


Our scripture coupled Israel’s cry for a king in the days of Samuel, over God’s promise to be God forever, to Paul’s interaction with the Corinthian church as they were having a crisis of faith. It is worth remembering the crises Paul talked about all those years ago still apply today – many parts of […]

Intentionally in tension – sermon from May 13: Mother’s Day


Today we recognize our community and the place we inhabit in the life and faith of Suffolk, Virginia, and the world. Part of our life together today was filled with the definition of “imago dei” – the meaning of the phrase “made in the image of God.” In our worship today we heard lessons about […]

On being a Child of God – sermon from Apr. 15, 2018


We looked at the oddity of life: being human AND made in the image of God, called a child of God. We heard reflections of the fallibility of our human focus and the ability to either ignore or simply miss God’s interaction with us in community. While it seems odd to hear these stories just […]

The Church this Side of Easter – Sermon for Apr. 8, 2018


We celebrate our journey in this Easter season and consider how our life and the practice of the Christian church has changed on this side of Easter. Scripture paints many pictures of how that first and second century church practiced its faith. Some traits to consider: unity of focus, community empowerment, all are welcome – […]