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What sign do you need from God? – reflection and sermon from 12/22/19

by admin1755

Greetings! The greens are hung, the Advent journey is drawing to a close, and December is firmly entrenched in Chuckatuck. We observed the 4th Sunday of Advent and greeted visitors – sharing God’s blessings with those around us. It was nice to have a local couple who is looking for a church home visit today. […]

What are we looking for? – reflection and sermon from 12/15/19

by admin1755

Greetings on the 3rd Sunday of Advent; December 15; and 10 days before Christmas. It was a blessing to gather for worship on a bright morning after all the rain of the previous few days. It is nice to see the pond with a little more water in it – still some room left but […]

St. John’s e-News for December 3, 2017

by admin1755

Vestry Election – This Sunday, following worship, we will hold our Vestry election for the 2018-2020 term. David has agreed to run and serve if elected. If there is anyone else who might want to serve, please contact the Rector. Pledges – This Sunday will be the ingathering and offering of pledges for the coming […]