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Love overcomes discord – reflection and sermon from 2/3/19

by admin1755

Happy day after Groundhog’s Day. Let’s hope that Phil was right yesterday – no shadow leading to an early spring. It looks like a mid-winter ague has hit the Parish – more than a couple people out this morning and a couple who were finally on the mend. We pray for those who have been […]

God’s grace is sufficient for life – Reflection and Sermon for 7/8/18

by admin1755

Happy Sunday after Independence Day and blessings to you. We were richly blessed today – newcomers and visitors alike. A drop-in from a younger person who was new to the area and looking for a church home. She seemed pleased with the service and fellowship and expressed some interest in returning. There were other visitors […]

The Laborers in the Vineyard – discussion of Matthew 20:1-16 on Sep. 24, 2017

by admin1755

Sep 24 – 16 Pentecost Matthew 20:1-16 The Laborers in the Vineyard Background: Matthew tells the story of Jesus’ life with the most Jewish tone of the four Gospels. The text provides a clear insight into Jesus’ teaching and a moral guideline for the Christian community. This passage falls in what is postulated as the […]