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Out of the mouth of babes – reflection and sermon for Trinity Sunday

by admin1755

Greetings on a special Sunday, one that remembers fathers and the Trinity. Thankfully, I was successful not breaking my streak of not preaching heresy on Trinity Sunday. As many preachers can attest, the doctrine of the Trinity, while compelling, is difficult (nigh impossible) to discuss in the context of worship. I’m sure those who were […]

Being united in our diversity, reflection and sermon for 6/2/19

by admin1755

June is upon us and we are nearing the end of Eastertide. This year’s Easter journey has been a blessing for our community: blood drive, community events, and sharing our bounty across the city. The coming summer season should be inviting and engaging – some new bible studies to consider and some much-needed work around […]

What is your vision of and for God? Reflection and sermon from 5/26/19

by admin1755

Blessings to you on Memorial Day weekend 2019. Summer is breaking in around Suffolk – fireflies, bull frogs, and the heady aroma of chestnut blooms are present outside. This weekend, and tomorrow, are days where we remember those who have served in the military and who have paid the ultimate cost for the freedoms we […]