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Our vision of God begins in truth – reflection and sermon from 2/23/20

by admin1755

May you be filled with God’s gracious presence on this bright, sunny, chilly Sunday at the end of February. We celebrate today as we close our Epiphany journey (the opening of our eyes to God’s presence around us) and look towards our Lenten journey that begins Wednesday. Thankfully, there will be pancakes and fellowship Tuesday […]

Hope is what we have to offer – reflection and sermon from 2/9/20

by admin1755

May God’s blessings be upon you on this fair Sunday in February. The day dawned brisk but sunny in Chuckatuck – a wonderful day to gather for worship. Although we were “listing well to port” (the west side of the sanctuary) we had a well attended and responsive congregation this morning. It was a day […]

What was before shapes what will be – reflection and sermon from 2/2/20

by admin1755

God’s grace to you as we celebrate the Feast of the Presentation of Jesus in the Temple, ground hog day, and Superbowl Sunday (although the first is most important). In the life of our Diocese we ordained and consecrated our new Bishop Diocesan, the Rt. Rev. Susan Haynes, yesterday afternoon at the Williamsburg Community Church. […]

Our desire is to dwell with God – reflection and sermon from 1/26/2020

by admin1755

As January comes to a close, greetings from Chuckatuck. What blessings we had today as we gathered for worship – some who have been under the weather returned to worship, a recurring theme these past few weeks. We enjoyed fellowship after service – good coffee, good confections (breads and cupcakes), and wonderful conversation. May you […]