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St. John’s e-News for Apr. 30, 2017

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Rise Against Hunger – Oakland Christian UCC campaign on May 6th from 10 am – 12 pm. They are looking for people to assist package (hopefully) thousands of meals. This event is appropriate for all ages. For more information please contact the Oakland Christian church office at 255-4353 or Robert Fly at 757-509-2604. They need […]

There shall be a day – reflection and Sermon from Easter Sunday

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For completeness, I offer this reflection from Easter Sunday. That day is a fabulous time to share with friends and family. After a long Lenten journey we celebrate the truth and promise offered by God in Jesus that there shall be a day that breaks; a day where we embrace the story and our part […]

We are Thomas – Reflection and Sermon for Apr. 23, 2017

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On the 8th day of Easter the church gives to us: Thomas. Surprisingly fitting for the day: not bad but one where our congregation begins to wrap its arms around the commission we heard from Mary and the women last week. It was bleak and dreary, in counterpoint to last Sunday, yet not as “low” […]