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Water from the Rock – Discussion of Exodus 17:1-7 on Oct. 1, 2017

by admin1755

Oct 1 – 17 Pentecost Exodus 17:1-7 Water from the Rock Background: The book of Exodus chronicles the search for Israel’s identity. One could say that Exodus is Israel’s response to and explication for the questions “Who are you?” and “To whom do you belong?” The Israelites have been delivered from Egypt through the sea. […]

Plenty but not too much – reflection and sermon for September 24, 2017

by admin1755

Blessings to you on the last Sunday of September. I will admit that this morning saw the most unique thing on the altar at the offertory – a jar with about 73 ounces of Chinese Chestnuts. We gathered the chestnuts from the tree in front of the Parish House to help reforest Virginia’s forests. The […]

St. John’s e-News for Sep. 24, 2017

by admin1755

375th Anniversary Open House – Thank you to all who helped at last week’s open house. The event a huge success and we had about 40 people present for tours and presentation. Many thanks to Carroll for coordinating refreshments and for all who brought fabulous goodies to share. We get to breathe for another 25 […]