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Updates to our site

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We added a table with all the known graves in our graveyard. The table is listed by name and can be found under the Parish Graveyard page at:  

St. John’s e-News for July 15, 2018

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James River Tree Service – James River Tree Service will likely be here first thing Monday to remove some trees from the property. They are planning on removing the hickory in the parking area, a red maple near the back yard, and the Cyprus trees on the pond bank. Enriching Our Worship 1 – We […]

God’s grace is sufficient for life – Reflection and Sermon for 7/8/18

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Happy Sunday after Independence Day and blessings to you. We were richly blessed today – newcomers and visitors alike. A drop-in from a younger person who was new to the area and looking for a church home. She seemed pleased with the service and fellowship and expressed some interest in returning. There were other visitors […]

St. John’s e-News for July 8, 2018

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Healthy Suffolk – Healthy Suffolk is coordinating a healthy eating, active living, and chronic disease management initiative.  They will use gardening, movement, and improved health literacy to assist a minimum of 100 individuals over a 3-year period.  If you would like to participate or find out more about the initiative, contact the Rector. Enriching Our […]