Merry Christmas as we continue our journey through the Christmas season. Today was a nice follow-up to our Christmas Eve celebration. The day was a bit chilly but bright and welcoming.

As has been our tradition on 7 of 9 First Sunday after Christmas in my tenure we had our service of nine Christmas Lessons and Carols. As our bidding prayer today reminds us of the gravity of the Christmas season: we have a duty and take delight in hearing the message of the Angels, to go to Bethlehem and see the Son of God lying in a manger. Our greatest Christmas gift is the story of God’s loving purpose from Eden until today and that we should be glad and praise God. May your Christmas Season be filled with stories and memories of God’s grace, mercy, and blessings.

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Scripture: Genesis 2:4b-9, 15-25; Genesis 3:1-15; Isaiah 7:12-15; Isaiah 40:1-11; Hebrews 1:1-12; Luke 1:39-46; Luke 2:1-36; John 1:1-18