We bid welcome from Chuckatuck on the Last Sunday after Pentecost and the Sunday before Thanksgiving. It has been a strange and busy week as we try to wrap up the business of the church before Thanksgiving holiday. We are thankful for those who have continued to celebrate with us and providing energy for the future. This is a time where we pause and consider where we have felt God’s presence in our community – even when we feel pain and isolation. We offer prayers for all who will travel over Thanksgiving to be with family and friends – for your safety and health.

In worship, we celebrate Christ the King Sunday – also known as the last Sunday after Pentecost. Our collect offered the reminder that God restores all things through the presence of Jesus. It is through the example of Jesus can bring unity and freedom in the place of division and enslavement. In our Hebrew scripture from the prophet Jeremiah, we are reminded that God will set aside the leaders who don’t lead to God. Yet God will send someone who will bring all creation back to relationship with God. The response we hear in Canticle 16 we are reminded that God will set us free from the sins we commit and from those who draw us away from God. Our gospel reading from Luke was the story of Christ being at Golgotha and the interaction between Jesus, the soldiers, and the thieves with whom he is crucified.

Our sermon was based on the Epistle reading from Colossians. In it, Paul reminded his time that Jesus was (and is) the image of God in human reality. It is through Jesus that we realize the promises made by God in creation are true, even in our time. God’s past performance brings hope for a future.

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Readings: Jeremiah 23:1-6; Canticle 16 (Luke 1:68-79); Colossians 1:11-20; Luke 23:33-43

Video of worship: https://youtu.be/AVMl7kbTicE

Video of sermon: https://youtu.be/Sl34xESRyGA

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