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A reflection – The Cloister Walk by Kathleen Norris (day 3)

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The Cloister WalkKathleen NorrisJanuary 28, 2021 Observations There is a special diversity in those who follow God and answer God’s call to service. However, as “special” as that diversity may be there is nothing special about it because the diversity present in those who answer God’s call is the diversity of creation. The flaw of […]

Reflection on “The Cloister Walk” by Kathleen Norris

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The Cloister WalkKathleen NorrisJanuary 27, 2021 Hildegard of Bingen wrote to a monk, “What I do not see I do not know. I see, hear, and know simultaneously, and learn what I know as if in a moment. But what I do not see I do not know, for I am not learned. Questions: How […]

God provides hope and connection – reflection and sermon for 2/24/19

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Greetings from Chuckatuck on the last Sunday in February and the next to last Sunday after Epiphany. We may have seen Noah, or at least one of his sons on the church grounds this weekend. But we slogged through and had a wonderful worship service today – grandchildren in attendance and a new family visiting. […]

A Season of Prayer: For an Election

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As believers, we are invited to offer prayers for all people. This election season has been among the most contentious in recent memory. But whatever our politics, as Christians we always have something we can do. We can pray. For the 30 days leading up to the election, The Episcopal Church through the Forward Movement organization is calling […]