In worship we are reminded that the only way we are able to please God is by working with God. The things we do in our lives are impactful in accordance with our dependence on God. Our New Testament reading today from Paul’s letter to the Romans reminds us that we all are call, exactly as we are equipped, by God to be part of God’s family. No matter what, our gifts are no better nor worse than the gifts of another – because all our gifts are necessary for the success of God’s plan. Our Psalmist sang a song that reminds us of God’s grace which was found through the Israelite’s delivery from Egypt through the Sea. God’s guidance leads us to action and life in community remembering God. Our gospel reading from Matthew is the story of forgiveness, and how much we are required to forgive others (and ourselves). Not 7 times, not 77 times, not even a number (10,000 talents) which we can only imagine.

Today’s sermon was based on the reading from Hebrew Scripture in Exodus which describes Israel’s deliver from the pursuing Egyptians at the sea. God provided both guidance and protection to the Israelites in their fear of the Egyptians and the unknown that lay ahead. Like the Israelites, it is easy to forget that God has been leading us all along and that, no matter what direction we choose to move, God is already there waiting for us and protecting us.

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Readings: Exodus 14:19-31; Psalm 114; Romans 14:1-22; Matthew 18:21-35

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