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The nature of our faith – sermon from 2/28/2021


In worship we heard stories of the faith of our predecessors and the reminders of God’s presence in the unchangeable truth of God’s Word, Jesus. Our faith comes not by nurturing it, but by uncovering the faith already present. In our Genesis reading we heard the story of Abram who becomes Abraham and the promise […]

Take a load off with God – Sermon for Sep. 3, 2017


A lot of threads going on today: sometimes it is easy to be distracted by the busyness in the readings. Yet, our reading from Exodus came to light in a new way today. As Moses comes into God’s presence on the mountain at the burning bush, what would the impact be if God’s invitation was […]

Sermon for October 16, 2016


Our readings today focused on teaching and knowing God. Most of our knowledge of God comes through Scripture – not always because the Scripture adequately describes God, but because Scripture provides insight into the person of God. Our Hebrew Scripture writer, Jeremiah, was trying to convince Israel that – while they were all going to […]

Sermon for September 25, 2016


Our scripture today took us on a journey of hope – where we find our hope, why we should have hope, and the assurance we have that God is trustworthy now and in the future because God has been trustworthy in our past. We were reminded that it is in relationships and simplicity that true […]