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St. John’s e-News for 4/12/2020 – The Feast of the Resurrection

by admin1755

Easter Sunday & Virtual Coffee Hour – We will live stream worship on Sunday, accessible through our YouTube channel (St. John’s Chuckatuck) or our Facebook page. We will have a Virtual Coffee hour from 11:30 am to 12:00 pm via Zoom. Information was provided under separate cover but if you did not receive the information […]

On this day the Lord has acted – reflection and sermon for Easter Sunday

by admin1755

Happy Easter! Alleluia! Christ is risen. The day dawned bright and sunny with the community sunrise service at the pond altar – with a full ensemble of geese, mocking birds, and other avian participants joining our community congregation in raising our voices to welcome Easter Day. We followed up that worship with a second joyous […]

There shall be a day – reflection and Sermon from Easter Sunday

by admin1755

For completeness, I offer this reflection from Easter Sunday. That day is a fabulous time to share with friends and family. After a long Lenten journey we celebrate the truth and promise offered by God in Jesus that there shall be a day that breaks; a day where we embrace the story and our part […]

St. John’s e-News for Apr. 16, 2017 – Easter Sunday

by admin1755

Spring Work Day – Thank you to all who assisted with the spring cleanup day on April 8. We had a good turnout and accomplished a lot of needed work. Holy Week Community Services – Maundy Thursday service will be held at Oakland Christian UCC starting at 7:00 pm on Thursday evening; Pastor Brandon Nichols […]