Greetings after a 2-week hiatus. Last week we were recovering from the third of three storms in a month and the second of two “100-year” storms in a week. Needless to say, last week was a washout but the blessing for us is most of the members of the Parish survived relatively unscathed. There were a couple trees knocked over, a lot of water soaking property, and general mayhem but nothing terrible. Today, we began to focus on the dedication of the Kirk Memorial Organ which will happen in 2 weeks – we pray many can attend and that you invite your friends to join us. It will be a great time and a proper time to celebrate the life and ministry of Dr. Kirk.

Our readings today focused on teaching and knowing God. Most of our knowledge of God comes through Scripture – not always because the Scripture adequately describes God, but because Scripture provides insight into the person of God. Our Hebrew Scripture writer, Jeremiah, was trying to convince Israel that – while they were all going to perish without ever seeing Jerusalem again – God would continue to be with them, just like God had been with them since the beginning of time. God assures us that if we are honest with ourselves God will be closer to us than our breath or our heartbeat; that no one will have to tell us what God is like because we will know God intimately. That’s our challenge today – to find God present in the difficulties of life and the noise telling us “the apocalypse is upon us” and to help others do the same thing.

I invite your comments,

Readings: Jeremiah 31:27-34; Psalm 119:97-104; 2 Timothy 3:14-4:5; Luke 18:1-8

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