What does the future look like? An age old question.

Happy (Church) New Year! It was a great day in Chuckatuck as we kicked off the new Liturgical year in Advent. A hearty group was present as the season of light begins and we turn our attention to the hope that lies ahead at Christmas. We were back from celebrating and giving thanks for all we have and all we have been a part of in the last year. We also celebrated the community Thanksgiving Service we hosted last week – 41 people in church for a fabulous and moving service, especially the message provided by Pastor Lillard from Diamond Grove Baptist Church.

Today, as we begin our preparation, we are reminded that, “About that time no one will know.” Our scripture was future focused and helped set the stage for where we are going in the future. Today’s readings helped remind us that what we are preparing for is a promise where God’s reign is realized. While we are firmly stuck in the middle, the time between God’s presence in the world and God’s presence that is promised in the future – the “now and the not yet”. Yet we are reminded that we have hope and an assurance, even in the midst of strife, that God will win and all will be well in the end. This Advent season remember to tell the world “God will come and things will be restored to a right relationship with God.”

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Readings: Isaiah 2:1-5; Psalm 122; Romans 13:11-14; Matthew 24:36-44

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