Happy All Hallow’s Eve Eve. It has been a glorious week and today is shaping up nicely. We received the gift of having the majority of the hackberry tree removed by the Boy Scouts yesterday and it looks nice to see the road again. A lot of work has gone into the preparation for the evening’s events, the dedication of the “Kirk Memorial Organ.” We will kick off the evening at 4:00 with a brief service filled with hymnody and song. Afterwards we will have a nice reception in the Parish Hall. If you see this and are in the area come by and join us.

We looked at a smattering of scripture today – all the way from Habakkuk to Luke’s story of Zacchaeus. It is interesting to note that there are a lot of assumptions made in the Gospel story based on appearances: Zacchaeus is an outcast because he is a tax collector, he is short, implicitly he is unlovable and untrustworthy because he is siding with the Romans. Yet Jesus sees beyond the outward appearances and affirms the truth – that Zacchaeus is worthy of love because he is a child of God and that the work he is doing outside the view of his detractors is making a difference in the world around him. How are the things that you do making a difference? How is what you see affected by what you look for in God’s realm?

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Readings: Habakkuk 1:1-4, 2:1-4; Psalm 119:137-144; 2 Thessalonians 1:1-4, 11-12; Luke 19:1-10

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