Parish Annual Meeting and Potluck We will hold our Parish Annual Meeting on Sunday January 15th. We will present the Budget for 2017 and have a conversation about the “state of the Parish”. Please come and participate to learn about the path for the Church in the coming year.

Inclement Weather Policy – Safety is first and foremost at St. John’s. We will follow the Suffolk School District with respect to closures. If we have an event planned expect it to continue as scheduled BUT if you do NOT feel safe getting to the Church please stay home. Your safety is more important to us than your presence is.

Shrove Tuesday Pancake Supper – It’s that time of year again. We will host our annual Shrove Tuesday Pancake Supper on February 28. We hope to have a good turn out from the community and that we can get plenty of assistance from the Parish.
January 15, 2017, 10:30 am Holy Eucharist Rite II and Litany of Healing

Lessons for the Second Sunday after the Epiphany
First Lesson:  Isaiah 49:1-7
Psalm 40:1-12
Second Lesson:  1 Corinthians 1:1-9
Gospel: John 1:29-42

Lay Participants for January 15, 2017 – 10:30 am service
Acolyte:  Kathy
Lector:  Bernice
Prayers:  Kathy
Ushers:  David and Marcella

Refreshments:  Parish Potluck

Sermon for Dec. 24:

Suffolk Night Stay Program – Oakland Christian United Church of Christ will be hosting the Suffolk Night Stay Program from January 18 through January 25. They have asked for assistance in executing this program sponsored by the Coalition Against Poverty in Suffolk. There is training for those who would like to assist on January 4 beginning at 7:00 pm and on January 7 beginning at 9:30 am. Please consider helping if you can. For more information please contact the Rector.

Flowers – There is a new flower sign-up sheet for 2017 with instructions is posted in the Narthex. This covers the entire year. Please sign-up for your special two weeks. If you have more questions, please contact Lynn.

Church Quiz – Over the coming weeks we will have a “Church Quiz” as part of our announcements and e-News. All are invited to think about and answer the week’s question. Answers will be provided the following week.
Last week’s question and answer: Question: What is penitence? Answer: In penitence, we confess our sins and make restitution where possible, with the intention to amend our lives. (BCP p. 857)
This week’s question: What is prayer of oblation? Look for the answer next week.

A Season of Prayer: Following our Election – Almighty God, to whom we must account for all our powers and privileges:  Guide the people of the United States and of this community in the orderly transition of newly elected and reelected officials and representatives; that, by faithful administration and wise laws, the rights of all may be protected and our nation be enabled to fulfill your purposes; and help us, in the midst of our struggles for justice and truth, to confront one another without hatred or bitterness, and to work together with mutual forbearance and respect; through Jesus Christ our Lord. Amen.

Formation Classes – This week we will discuss our Old Testament reading, Isaiah 49:1-7, “The Servant’s Mission.” Next week’s class will discuss our Old Testament reading Isaiah 9:1-4, “The Righteous Reign of the Coming King.” All are invited to join the conversation in the Parish Hall from 9:15 to 10:15 am.

Sunday’s Psalm – This Sunday we sing the portion of the Psalter together using a metrical version of the Psalter from A New Metrical Psalter by Christopher Webber as we sing Psalm 40:1-12 together. The Psalm will be set to Hymn 72, Hark the glad sound (Richmond) from the Hymnal. The words and music will be found on a bulletin insert.

Hospitality hour Sign-up – The sign-up sheet is on the bulletin board; please sign-up for an upcoming Sunday. If you would like to help but cannot provide all the items for coffee hour/lemonade on the lawn any assistance, even a single item, will be graciously accepted.

Upcoming Parish Events – Jan. 14 – James River Rug Hookers; Jan. 15 – Annual Meeting and Potluck; Jan. 16 – Martin Luther King Jr. Holiday; Jan. 20 – Parish Hall Rental.

Thought for the week – Servant: Through the incarnation, God entered into our flesh as a baby born to unwed peasants on the “wrong side of the tracks.” He entered into our condition, grew up and lived among us to show that the Way of God was not one of brute force and might, but one of gentle servitude.

– Br. Jim Woodrum, SSJE
Society of Saint John the Evangelist

Upcoming Events:
Online calendar:
Online events listing:
Thu. Jan. 12th           * Rector Meet with St. Luke’s Director – 11:30 am – 12:30 pm
Sat. Jan. 14th            * James River Rug Hookers – 10:00 am – 3:00 pm (Parish Hall)
Sun. Jan. 15th           * Annual Meeting – Following Worship
Mon. Jan. 16th         * Martin Luther King Jr. Day – Office Closed
* Suffolk Martin Luther King Jr. Day Service – TBA
* G. F. W. C. Junto Women’s Group – 10:00 am – 3:00 pm (Parish House)
Tue. Jan. 17th           * Convocation IV Clericus – 12:00 – 2:00 pm (St. Paul’s Suffolk)
Wed. Jan. 18th         * Suffolk Night Stay Program – Oakland Christian United Church of Christ
Thu. Jan. 19th           * Rector Meeting Offsite – 2:30 pm (Norfolk)
Fri. Jan. 20th             * Parish Hall rental – 12:00 – 6:00 pm
Sun. Jan. 22nd          * Vespers at Lake Prince Woods – 4:00 pm (Rector Preaching)
Thu. Feb. 10th          * Diocesan Annual Council through Feb. 11th – Williamsburg Lodge
Thu. Feb. 16th          * Cursillo Weekend (Rector Out) through Feb. 20th – Camp Chanco
Tue. Feb. 28th          * Shrove Tuesday Pancake Supper


For Michael, our presiding bishop; Holly, our bishop; and for Les, our priest.

Meriwether, Allen, Shirley, Lon, Barbara, Steve, Marvin, Leone, Virginia, Justin, Kevin, Millard, Gary, Elinore, Jimmye, Katie, Margaret, Claiborne, Richard, Toni, Rev. Greg Ryan, Beth, the Dennis Family, Mike and Gail, Jim, Karen and family, Opal, Aleck, and Carolyn.

Serving in the Armed Forces and Overseas: Bryan, Sheldon & Elizabeth, Leon, Alan, and Thomas.

Parish Cycle of Prayer: Ben & Diane
Diocesan Cycle of Prayer: Emmanuel Church, Jenkins Bridge; St. John’s Church, Hopewell; Mrs. Eflyn Morris.
Anglican Cycle of Prayer: The Rt. Rev. Luke Ken-ichi Muto – The Bishop of Kyushu, Japan.

Birthdays in January
Lynn 15                      Anne 20
Linda 21 

If you are in need of Pastoral Care
Please call Father Ferguson.
Home:  757-484-8409 

Minister of Music: Roger Peyton

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