Happy All Saints’ Sunday and our annual remembrance of All Saints, present and to come, and All Souls, past. It is a special day for us at St. John’s; a time to gather for worship and to fellowship over a potluck luncheon – meeting all the “biblical demands”, to gather together, break bread, fellowship, and offer prayers. Today was especially enjoyable as we had folks from Boys’ Home in Covington with us (planned) and a local man who reenacts 18th century life who will join us on December 2 to worship in the 18th century style and preach about current (to 1775 and today) events. It was nice to reinforce old relationships and forge new ones on All Saints’ Sunday.

As we celebrate All Saints’ and All Souls our scripture invites us to consider how our story is important; the story of God’s grace and presence and how God’s presence brings hope. Interestingly, we are invited to remember that God is intimately connected to us and all creation, so much so that God came among us, dealt with the emotions we have, sits with us in our fears to give us hope, and reminds us that God’s kingdom will be found where we are for all eternity. God’s promise is eternal life; God’s hope is found in God’s presence in the midst of the junk of life; and God reminds us that our story of past, present, and future is what helps make God real here, and now.

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Readings: Isaiah 25:6-9; Psalm 24; Revelation 21:1-6a; John 11:32-44

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