Happy Sunday to you from the “Rector’s Study” on a bright Sunday in Chuckatuck. It has been a good week as we finished our first full week in Lent, our annual practices have started: Wednesday study, more solemn service music and liturgy, but always with an eye on what Lent is supposed to do for us. We worship and gather trying to find ways to determine the practices we have developed which prevent us from being what God calls us to be. We are thankful and appreciative of our guest reader this morning, Mrs. Cynthia Winer read our Hebrew Scripture lesson from Genesis in Hebrew. This was especially enriching for us to hear scripture in a new-to-us way.

Our worship began with an affirmation that God understands our frailty and the scope of God’s graciousness for those who recognize their separation and have faith that God will provide answers when we honestly ask our questions. Our Hebrew Scripture reading from Genesis recounts God’s direction to Abram to go from his country to the promise land. And if Abram is faithful, he will recognize God’s grace for eternity. Our Psalmist sings the reminder that our help comes from God alone, the one who created all things. Our Epistle from Paul’s letter to the Romans, Paul tells his people that our salvation is based on God’s grace and our faith that God will actually be gracious. Our sermon is based on John’s gospel reading, a text which includes the renowned “John 3:16.” In this reading, Jesus reminds Nicodemus that God sent the Son into the world to save, not to condemn humanity. Jesus does this by fielding the tough questions of our faith and how we live like God’s chosen people.

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Readings: Genesis 12:1-4a; Psalm 121; Romans 4:1-5, 13-17; John 3:1-17

Listen at: https://audiomack.com/fatherles-1/song/sermon-from-the-2nd-sunday-in-lent

Video of worship: https://youtube.com/live/UlcivkJOG48

Video of sermon: https://youtu.be/_qxI_sKiKDw