Greetings from St. John’s Chuckatuck at the end of April. It has been a good week and the first portion of the repairs in the Parish Hall are completed. We have been blessed with a super-abundance of rhododendron – there is a sea of white outside my window. This past week was an “all creatures great and small” week – we’ve had visits by toads, otters, geese, butterflies, and the “usual suspects” of birds. This is the best time of year on the church grounds – new life is all around. We pray that you are well and healthy.

In worship today we heard a recounting of the story of Jesus as the good shepherd. Our collect reminds us that we need to listen for and hear God’s voice calling us to follow where God and Jesus are leading us. The reading from the Acts of the Apostles was a continuation of the inquiry of the disciples by the leaders of the Jewish people about how they were able to heal the infirm. They offered that Jesus, God incarnate, was the only way that they could heal people. The psalm this morning was an old standard – the 23rd Psalm reminds us that God provides a respite but not to stop forever. God’s rest is a preparation for the places that God is calling us to act for God. The gospel reading from John reminds us that Jesus is the good shepherd. Not that Jesus is exclusively the shepherd of the Jews but of all who come to believe in God’s active grace in their lives. Our sermon was focused on the first Epistle of John. John’s community was bereft with controversy and dissent. John offers us the truth about God and our responsibility in God’s economy: to trust God’s truth, to love one another, and to not demand everything to revolve around us. God’s love will abide with us when we abide in God’s commands.

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Readings: Acts 4:5-12; Psalm 23; 1 John 3:16-24; John 10:11-18

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