My wishes and prayers for you on the Sunday before Thanksgiving and the Last Sunday of our liturgical year. We are looking forward to the opportunities that lie ahead as we begin our new church year, but we also celebrate where we have been in the past year (or more). Our Sunday worship dawned bright and brisk, but the weather could be unsettled this afternoon. Regardless, we gathered in God’s sanctuary in Chuckatuck to greet the day and to hear God’s scripture preached for our community’s benefit. May your family Thanksgiving celebration be one filled with hope and joy.

In worship, we celebrated the Last Sunday after Pentecost – sometimes called, Christ the King Sunday. We were reminded that all things are restored to their native being through the work and presence of Jesus, the King of kings. We were also reminded that humanity is divided but can be made whole through the work of God in Christ in the world. Our scripture spanned the themes, (1) the end of an era and reflection on what was passed, (2) a reminder that God is, was, and will be present forever, and (3) that God does not operate in the world of our bias. Our Hebrew scripture was the passage entitled “the last words of David.” His reflection of the constancy of God through his life. The Psalmist sang of God’s unfailing presence, no matter where we are, and how that provides us hope for a future. Our blessings come from resting with God. Our New Testament reading was from the Revelation to John as he bid greetings to the Christians and reaffirmed God’s eternal presence.

Today’s sermon was focused on the gospel from John. In this reading we hear the exchange between Jesus and Pilate which first occurs prior to the Passion. Pilate expects the world to operate as he has experienced it and questions Jesus’ kingship. Jesus reminded Pilate that his kingship is about and facilitates the relationship between humans and God. Jesus’ mission was to testify to the truth – that God created all creation to be in relationship with God.

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Readings: 2 Samuel 23:1-7; Psalm 132; Revelation 1:4b-8; John 18:33-37

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