Blessings to you on your Advent journey from the Rector’s Study in Chuckatuck. We are 3/4 done with Advent today and Christmas is two weeks away. We continue to study about being prepared for Christmas during our weekly soup and study programs. This week has been a blessing for us – a member who has been a little dinged up was back in worship. We are moving smoothly to the Christmas and the remaining “end of year things” that lie ahead. May you be blessed in your Advent and Christmas journey this year.

We hear and echo the plea that God’s power might come with great might to save us because we, in our weakness, are unable to attain God’s grace. We ask for God’s bounty to come on us so we can not lose heart. Our Hebrew Scripture from the Prophet Isaiah helps us transition from the world of judgment to restoration. Isaiah offers an image of the desert and wilderness being restored and filled with abundance. Isaiah also serves the reminder that our strength truly comes from God. Our Psalmist helps us sing the song that gives thank to God for the help provided for people and creation. God cares for those whom society discards because that is what God is. Our Epistle was from James and provides encouragement to wait and be patient for God’s grace to be made clear.

Our sermon today was based on the gospel reading from Matthew. In this, we have John the Baptist interact with Jesus to verify that Jesus is the Messiah. Jesus also asks the crowd what they came into the wilderness looking for. The gospel encourages us to not be so set in how things will happen so that whatever is supposed to happen can – to stop pushing of God into our box. Those of faith will be rewarded in the final accounting. How do we admit to ourselves and to God what we are looking for?

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Readings: Isaiah 35:1-10; Psalm 146:4-9; James 5:7-10; Matthew 11:1-11

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